Iswanah Alkaline Sweetener

Nano Sugar

  • —Alkaline sweetener is invented to suit the needs of ALL.
  • —Especially for patients suffering from Hypertension, Kidney, Diabetes, Cancer, HIV, Asthma and Heart problem.
  • —Obesity is another area where alkaline sweetener drops can definitely help.
  • —Alkaline sweetener also helps to prevent and decrease oxidative stress related to Diabetes while regulating blood and sugar level to a normal and healthy state.
  • —Alkaline sweetener drops are also suitable for your pets.
  • —The advancement in the Nano Technology has led to the development of sugar substitute products  – ISWANAH NANO SUGAR ALKALINE SWEETENER.
  • —Alkaline Sweetener is a sugar liquid produced from black sugar cane extract using Nano technology.
  • —The new technology will filter out negative carbons that contribute to the many chronic diseases. This makes the Alkaline Sweetener a product that is safe to be taken by the consumers and its free of calories ( 0 calories ).
  • —Alkaline Sweet is NOT a medicine. It is a substitute to the main cause of illness which is sugar. If you can control your sugar intake, change the daily routine of the use of white sugar, the risk of illnesses can be reduced.
  • —Contains Black Sugar Cane Extract. Black Sugar Cane Extract has been used traditionally in some cultures for diabetes,high blood preasure,etc (Refer article,

ALS cert  recognized by the following accreditation/certification authorities:


•Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SINGLAS)

•Malaysian Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAMM)

•Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS)

•Bureau of Laboratory Quality Standards, Ministry of Public Health of Thailand

•Memorandum of Understanding with the Sri Lankan Standards Institute, for the import of food items to Sri Lanka.

•Appointed analysts by Federation of Oils, Seeds & Fats Association of UK (FOSFA International)

Who Uses Alkaline Sweetener

  • —Suitable to be used as a skin lotion. It will soften and make the skin silky and smooth. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • —Suitable for all ages including infant with rashes, scabies, pimples, blemish, minor burnt and cuts (Method: 1 drop of concentrate into 10 ml of water and apply on the affected area; 2 times a day).
  • —Suitable to apply for mouth ulcer and minor toothache (Method: 1 drop of concentrate into 20 ml of water and apply on the affected area; 2 times a day).
  • —Note: Applying on the skin or affected areas will not attract insects like ants or mosquitoes.

About Alkaline Sweetener

  • —First in the world to use Nanotechnology for extraction.
  • —The process dislodges negative carbon from sugar cane component, which is the contributing factor of chronic diseases for diabetic, hypertension, and obesity.
  • —Contains “Zero” value in Aspartame, Calories, Protein, Cholesterol, Sucrose, Monosaccharide Carbohydrate, Saccharin and Additives.
  • —600 times the sweetness compared with sucrose, 2 times of Saccharin and 3.3 times of Aspartame BUT no trace element of them.
  • —2.4 times sweeter than Stevia (Stevia is 250 sweeter than sucrose)
  • —SWEETENER Sugar Cane Extract (Nanosweeta) is recognized by USFDA,Joint Food & Agriculture Organization & World Health Organization with clinical report. Approved by The Ministry of Health of Malaysia.
  • —Alkaline Sweetener is suitable for consumers with chronic, diabetic, obesity, hypertension, heart and kidney problems and able to prevent and decrease oxidative stress related to diabetes.
  • —Able to regulate blood sugar and brings it towards a normal balance.

What is Alkaline Sweetener?

As Sweetener for Drink :—

  • Suitable with any type of hot or cold drinks & juices
  • —Bring out the flavor and taste of juice
  • —Just put a teaspoon or a drop of concentrate into any type of drink.
  • —If not sweet enough just increase the serving according to taste without hesitation or worry.
  • —Increase serving will not have negative effect on health but it will only be beneficial.

As a Food Flavoring:—

  • Suitable with any form of cooking whether frying, barbeque, grilling, steaming to improve taste and flavoring.
  • —Applying the Alkaline Sweet to the meat will not cause heavy burnt appearance on the meat unlike normal sugar and honey when grilling or barbeque.
  • —Just a few teaspoons or drops of SWEETENER or based on your taste preference to some water. Then mix and cook it normally with other flavoring or ingredient you wish to cook with.


Certificate Of Analysis (International Standard) US Guideline
By FDA and AOAC Method Reference.


•Swedish Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SWEDAC)

•GMP Certification (MPA Sweden)

•Finnish Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (FINAS)

•Czech Republic Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (CAI)

•GMP Certification (SUKL Czech Republic)

•Member Analysts of Federation of Oils, Seeds & Fats Association Ltd (FOSFA INTERNATIONAL) of the United Kingdomp; Fats Association of UK (FOSFA International)

External or Topical use

  • —The company is very particular about quality and hygiene.
  • —Every process starting from the beginning to the end is done carefully and in a clean factory environment to ensure the quality and hygiene of the products.
  • —The factory is recognized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia(MOH),GMP and MESTI and has the Halal certification.
  • —This Iswanah Nano Sugar Alkaline Sweetener product is calorie-free and has been categorized under the Food category classification. (040316/01/030KKM)
  • —This product has been recognized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia(MOH),MESTI and had passed laboratory tests by ALS Lab to confirm this products is safe to be consume and use and the raw materials used in the production is from HALAL sources which are Black Sugar cane Extract and Zam Zam water.

Product Quality

External or Topical use


•TGA License (No. MI-12022007-LI-001728-11) for physical, chemical and microbial testing associated with the manufacture of therapeutic goods

•APVMA License No. 6136 - Category 6 for a single step in the manufacture of veterinary chemical products, namely analysis and testing (physical, chemical, limulus amoebocyte test (LAL), other pharmacological test, antibiotic assay, sterility testing, microbiological, immunological and serological)

•NATA Accreditation No. 825 assessed to ISO/IEC 17025 (2005) which includes the management requirements of ISO 9001 for the field of biological testing for microbiology tests on foods, testing of surfaces in abattoirs, microbiological tests for monitoring defined environments and waters, including effluents

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