Diabetic retinopathy and renopathy caused by microcirculation and capillary of diabetes patients, the common complications in micro blood vessels regarding to diabetes. Kasly Danshen Plus Capsule change the blood rheology, anti-calcium ion and reduce the triglyceride and cholesterol level. Therefore, Kasly Danshen Plus Capsule is highly recommended to diabetes complication patient.


- Change of carotid intima-media thickness (IMT): Carotid IMT thickness decreased in the group treated with Kasly Danshen Plus Capsule (P<0.05), and there was no noticeable change in control group.

- Change of blood rheology: Blood viscosity of both groups decreased, but no remarkable difference between the treatment group and control group was observed (P>0.05).

- Change of blood lipid level: Patients in both groups have a high level of blood lipid. After treatment of Kasly Danshen Plus Capsule, cholesterol and triglyceride level were significant difference (p<0.01) between respondents and control groups.


Kasly Danshen Plus Capsule has definite function to reduce blood lipid, especially function to cholesterol. Some researches have been done to patients of carotid atherosclerosis. Controlled by normal dosage of Aspirin, treatment with therapeutic dosage (10 cap x 3 times per day) Kasly Danshen Plus Capsule results in:


Microcirculation is the blood circulation between the capillary arterioles and venules. It’s used for the nutrient exchange between body, blood and tissue and brings oxigen and nutrient to tissues and takes away the metabolic productions. It has been proven by many researches that Kasly Danshen Plus Capsule can improve the body microcirculation. Research in Medical School of Keio University, Japan, has shown that Kasly Danshen Plus Capsule has a multi-target effect on microcirculation disturbance.


Brain infarction is commonly known as ‘brain stroke’. It includes the formation of blood clot and embolism. Incidence of brain stroke increases obviously in recent years. It also occurs more and more frequently in young people recently. Kasly Danshen Plus Capsule has the function to improve blood circulation by removing stasis. Clinical application proves that Kasly Danshen Plus Capsule and conventional therapies has good effects on patients suffering from brain stroke.

Kasly Danshen Plus Capsule, with the precious ingredients of Salvia Miltiorrhiza, Notoginseng etc. It has similar function of anti-platelet aggregation as Aspirin. Moreover, it has effects on cholesterol and triglyceride reduction, blood viscosity reduction, general microcirculation improvement, anti-oxidation, free radical clearance, cardiac muscle protection, etc. These functions coordinate at multiple levels, aim at multiple targets, and act in multiple systems. Most effects function at key points of coronary heart disease. We strongly suggest that Kasly Danshen Plus Capsule should be used to fight coronary heart disease. And we suggest mid-age population (male>35 years old and female>40 years old) take Kasly Danshen Plus Capsule as early as possible, because their hearts should be taken care more seriously.

6 Main Functions Of Danshen Plus Capsule

A group of team from US FDA Research Team

Currently TASLY GROUP launches Kasly Danshen Plus Capsule especially for South-East Asia. It will definitely serve more people of either healthy or in sub-health and bring more happiness to millions of sick people.

Tasly has devoted itself in promoting modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and introducing it into the international society with five thousand years extensive and profound medical tradition, and the concept of “Pursue the integral of man and the nature, and improving quality of life”. Tasly also insist that the science and technology be the core, market the guideline, management the drive, and quality the promise. Therefore, Tasly will keep striving for the great goal of “To share the joy of health with all”.

Danshen Plantation Field 

Moreover, clinical application reveals that Danshen Plus starts its effect as soon as nitroglycerin, so Danshen Plus Capsule can also be used to relieve pain immediately. In the 10 years clinical application, Danshen Plus Capsule is proved to have effects on protecting coronary heart disease and angina pectoris, meanwhile, Danshen Plus Capsule has good effects on other disease such as metabolic syndrome, thus it has protective functions on heart diseases.

Salvia Miltiorrhiza

After clinical application for eleven years and tremendous amount of scientific experiments, Danshen Plus, a precious modern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is proved to be capable of remarkable effects on protecting normal functions of blood vessel endothelium. It is also proved that long-term used of Danshen Plus can reduce the occurrence of coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases thus Danshen Plus has perfect effects on heart protection. Research shows that Danshen Plus assuages pain immediately in 40.2% patients and stops angina pectoris in 3-8 minutes in 48% patients with sublingual intake, making the total effective rate more than 88%.

Traditional herbs & plants used in making Danshen Plus Capsules

From the very beginning of research on the Chinese traditional medicine to the greater health-care industry system was being built, it has turned into the core and spirit of the process. Since its first day till now, Tasly has setup a talent team from a science research achievement; developed own brand marketing mode industry from one single product; created an enterprise cultural from the modern enterprise management and innovation; constructed the capital management platform from one product item; It will facilitate mutually between development and innovation. Innovation brings the constant motivation and fast development for Tasly Group.

‘Modernization means understand the connotation of Chinese medicine 
scientific by applicate the modern technology. Toward the creation and 
innovation, we achieve the modernization of Chinese medicine. It is not an 
ancient and traditional legend, but develop into modern medication.’

- Light Of Civilization
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